Become an Ambassador

We know there are individuals in need and we want to serve them – you can be that connection. Help us create a healthier aging community.

The Pathlights ambassador program was created as a way for individual supporters of our mission to formally join us and become part of the societal change we are seeking to make. Ambassadors work within their personal networks to further expand awareness of the organization and increase the organizations resources. Pathlights would like to be a magnet for those who want to make a difference in ageing, in Southwest Suburban Cook County.

The Pathlights Development Manager and Ambassador Chairperson will work directly with individual ambassadors to help identify specific ways you can help foster meaningful relationships. Throughout the year, ambassadors will be tasked with specific activities, and asked to set their own goals.
Ambassadors will be asked to provide support in the following ways:

  • ENDORSE the goals of the organization
  • IDENTIFY and EVALUATE prospective supporters
  • PARTICIPATE in the development and review of case materials
  • ATTEND meetings of the group
  • PARTICIPATE in the formation and implementation of advancement strategies and tactics
  • UNCOVER new revenue generating opportunities
  • Help forge CONNECTIONS to community-based individuals and institutions
  • Educate the community on our services and how to access them
  • Recruit additional ambassadors
  • Connect Pathlights with financial resources

The group meets bi-monthly. Committees meet as needed but typically meet on the off months from the larger group. We ask that all ambassadors attend and actively participate in preferable all, but at least half of the meetings/year, whether in-person or by virtual meeting, and make a one-year commitment to serve. We also ask that you try to attend Pathlights events when possible. Ambassadors will be tasked with specific activities to help move our mission forward and we expect ambassadors to complete agreed-upon tasks in a timely manner.

Apply today to make a difference in your community!