Path to Financial Stability

With food, utility and housing expenses increasing along with overall higher inflation, many individuals in our communities are forced to make decisions between food, life-saving prescriptions, healthcare, property taxes and related housing costs.

Pathlights is here to assist as many as possible in regaining their financial stability. Our experts help people learn about, evaluate, assess eligibility, and apply for cost-saving programs. They support clients throughout the process, advising on the correct documentation and then submitting the application for the client. Pathlights can also provide direct support if there are funds available and criteria met.

Last year, our Benefits & Advocacy staff and team of volunteers helped our clients save more than $600,000 on gas and electric bills alone!

Pathlights guides adults 60 years and over on benefits such as:

  • Energy assistance
  • Prescription savings
  • Food assistance (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program — SNAP)
  • Health insurance savings
  • Property tax savings
  • Transportation discounts (License Plate Sticker and/or Free Bus Pass) 
  • Cell phone/internet savings
  • Additional programs and assistance 

Everyone can benefit from examining their finances and learning about cost savings they may qualify for as they age in the community. Please call us at 708.361.0219


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